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We fly cinema camera's

Cine drone company is a certified Dutch drone company specialized in drone aerial cinematography, aerial video, aerial filming, and aerial photography, our systems are deploy-able anywhere in the world.

We are capabele to bring every desired camera, like a ARRI, RED or Hasselblad, to the air. We are able to fly at places where not everyone is allowed or can do. We fly our systems over a divers variety of terrain including, water, sand, trees canyons etc. Only limited by your imagination

Besides that Cine Drone Company is the only dutch drone company withs is capable of lifting heavey payloads up to 15,9kg in to the air.

Our expertise in aerial work has been providing assistance to national and international media organizations for over 7-years; providing jaw dropping aerial footage that leaves audiences stunned.

Cine Drone Company is able to provide the most cost effective and most breathtakingly spectacular footage imaginable.

Our Equipment

freefly alta X rental
Freefly Alta X

Perfect heavy lift drone for 15 KG payload such as Arri's or RED's. More Info

DJI Inspire 2 rental
DJI Inspire 2

Famous plug and play drone with promising 6K Prores or RAW.

Mavic 2 Pro rental
Mavic 2 Pro

One of the most compact 4K drone for tighty projects.


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