Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) Operator Certificate (ROC)

Everyone who is flying a drone must adhere to air traffic rules and strict (safety) requirements. You can be sure that Cine Drone Company is aware of and abides by the laws and regulations for flying with drones. Thanks to our full ROC (Remote Operator Certificate) we are allowed to do more with our drones than most drone pilots. In addition, we can request exemptions for special situations.

In the Netherlands we are allowed to fly:

  • In civil and military airspace, including Schiphol and other airports
  • Whitin 25 meters of objects, Ships, vehicle(traffic), Railways etc.
  • Above railway lines and roads with a maximum speed of up to 80 km h
  • Up to a maximum of 120 meters high and 500 meters far, Always within the pilot's sight
  • Within 25 meters from persons or buildings on a professional filmset with professional actors

Our license is registries by the Ditch government under ROC 73-2018v2.

Special Approvals/exemptions YES/NO Additional information
Civil CTRs with LVNL ATC service (article 16 Regeling op afstand bestuurde luchtvaartuigen - Roabl) YES Procedure without Mode S SSR transponder (exemption based on art. 5.5 Law Aviation), but with the RT in line with procedure of ATC the Netherlands for flights in “outer ring only”.
Military CTR’s in Amsterdam FIR (article 16 - Roabl) YES All except CTR’s Geilenkirchen and Kleine Brogel
Niederrhein CTR (article 16 - Roabl) YES
a. within 25 meters of ship, vehicle (traffic), YES Only valid when air work is related to the vehicle and with the consent of owner / operator.
b. within 25 meters of object (also in industrial and harbour area), YES Not applicable for flights over congested areas, other than industrial and harbor areas.
within 25 meters of roads with a maximum speed > 80 km/hour, YES
within 25 meters of railways, YES
over roads with a max speed < 80 km/hour. YES
Above 400 ft AGL only within 25 meter of the object that is higher than 400 ft AGL (article 14 - Roabl) YES
Within 25 (H≤ 25kg) of 50 meters (A≤ 25kg) horizontal distance of the congested areas of cities, towns or settlements YES Applicable for distance to congested areas. Requirements: - only with a minimum distance of 5 m and - the low-speed mode is activated and - a maximum speed of 3 m/s is set and the lateral distance shall not be shorter than the height (1:1 rule).
Within distance of open-air assembly of persons (> 12 persons). unabated to the restrictions mentioned on page 2 of the ROC under ‘operational restrictions’ (article 15,1 Roabl) YES
North Sea Area Amsterdam (Off-shore in NSAA) with exemption for flights without radio-contact in the RMZ and without Mode S SSR transponder in the TMZ (art 5.5 Law Aviation) NO - including exemption mandatory carriage of Mode S SSR transponder and radio
Within 25 (H≤25kg) or 50 meters (A≤25kg) meters from persons or buildings on a professional film set with professional actors (article 15.1 + 15.3 Roabl). YES
Other YES Flights over congested area in close proximity to a building or structure as per applicable standard scenario (STS 2A) and in accordance with requirements as laid down in the relevant and valid exemption (ILT-2019/34816)

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